Dan Griggs

Dan Griggs is a public relations and marketing professional who uses his skill and experience in strategic communications to deliver results.

I use effective communication to raise awareness, improve perceptions and promote brands, products and services. I also have experience in internal communications. The best organizations understand the value of internal communications and so do I.

To learn more about my professional experience, please visit my LinkedIn profile. I could go on here, but the problem with talking about yourself too much is that such enthusiasm can easily be interpreted as shameless self-promotion.  While that wouldn’t be unusual for someone in my profession, I’m more focused on being part of a team and take pride in accomplishing results for others.  I’d rather let others sing my praises.  If you’d like to hear them do so, I’d be happy to put you in touch with them.

It was hard to decide what aspects of myself to share on this site. No website can tell a person’s complete story and if it was told solely by them it should probably be viewed with suspicion anyway. I’m not trying to sell anything here, just to share a few things and have some fun.


In Your Shadow


You Broke My Heart, Sorry I Broke Your Leg


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