I am a professional communicator

My extensive background as a writer and artist combined with my experience in the dramatic arts gives me a unique skill set that enables me to craft communications that are compelling and effective, regardless of the media. Due to my experience and master’s degree in marketing and public relations I'm ideally suited to help organizations to accomplish their objectives.


Like most people, I worked many jobs while finishing school but was fortunate to find an entry level position in my career early on when I volunteered to help the community college I was attending to start a cable tv station.

At that time, the town I grew up in was also starting a government cable TV station and I was recommended to them. After working on a couple productions as a volunteer, they hired me as a writer. I wrote scripts and press releases and articles for the city's newsletter and then was promoted to the position of Producer/Writer.

I was hired on a free-lance basis by my old community college while attending University. I also worked part time at another community college in their distance education department.

While at the University I wrote and produced comedy radio plays for my school's FM radio station and after graduation worked part time at a popular contemporary hits FM radio station. I graduated with a BA in Communications and my primary course of study was film production. While studying I was also learning a lot about TV and video production while I worked both as an employee at the government TV station and as a free-lance Writer/Producer.

After graduating with my BA I was contracted with to produce an educational series on contemporary literature. I produced about 50 programs culled from live readings from renowned writers and poets. These readings were edited together with live conversations about their work that were held immediately after the readings and also conducted before a live audience. As TV is a very visual and action oriented medium, these programs did not make for compelling television, however they are important archival documents establishing a place in time of a writer's work, philosophy and career evolution. The work was influential on me as it exposed me to some of the greatest writers working today.

Since I was hired as an independent after graduating college it seemed a natural evolution for me to start my own business. I called that business Media Revolution. The name stemmed from my goal and business focus which was to serve nonprofit organizations and public institutions that were a benefit to society.

I've managed a government TV operation and performed many of the public information functions for the cities I worked for.  I have also   taught writing for media and advanced video production at two community colleges.

As a consultant, I've been hired by organizations to create campaigns and to research and prepare comprehensive marketing and PR plans.


Being a lifelong writer I can offer a skill for word craft that is hard to match. Studies in a variety of fields, reading and profound life experience empower me to create original, creative work that is powerful and effective in accomplishing its purpose.


Being a production person with a background in art I was naturally drawn to this aspect of the process. I am known for my interest in and attention to lighting which I am often quoted as saying, "...is the essence of photography." In college I had the good fortune to work with one of the best gaffers in the film business, Ian Kincaid, an incredible DP and a great guy who humbled me with his knowledge of filmmaking.

Video Production and Editing

In my career I used video production to help PR and marketing professionals accomplish their goals.  While I am an experienced videographer, what I did for clients started by helping them identify their audience and develop key campaign strategies and key messages.  I developed budgets and managed all projects.  I researched, wrote and designed their media, handled media placement and helped them track and analyze results.

I was an early adopter of nonlinear editing, building my first system in 1996. I was so excited about this new ability that I wrote an article about it which was published in "TV Technology." In a highly technical field it is common for people to adopt new technology just because it's new. I do not do that. I want technology that either saves time, money, or improves work methods and/or improves results. That is the only real value in technology. I must confess though, I like cool new gadgets as much as the next guy.

I've used several edit systems including Avid and Final Cut Pro. I've also set up workstations and instructed students on the use of FCP at a community college.





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